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You can download the current release of "Customer Information, Accounting, Work Orders, Maps, Graphs & Inventory Control for Irrigation Professionals" here:

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  • CIA version 2024  (CIA.exe date: 06/08/24)

    • Northern Westchester Irrigation, Mahopac, NY: Click here for your customization (CIA.exe date: 06/17/24)

    • Evergreen Irrigation, Louisville, KY: Click here for your customization (CIA.exe date: 06/26/24)

    • Steve's Irrigation, Wading River, NY: Click here for the "Export Work Orders" enhancement (CIA.exe date: 07/02/24)

    • Hydro-Tek LTD, Cranford, NJ: Click here for the new Zillow URL format (CIA.exe date: 07/16/24)

  • Work Order Template



Multi-user version available!

Multi-user capability enables everybody on your network to be entering data, scheduling Work Orders, producing Invoices, performing inquiry, generating maps and running reports simultaneously.

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