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Features & Benefits


  You can now run your computer from your iPhone or iPad, giving you real-time access in the field to all your Customer Information, Accounting, Work Orders, Maps, Graphs & Inventory Control!  

Here are 25 immediate benefits you get by having fast, easy, complete customer management at your fingertips so you can be better organized, more efficient and more profitable:

1.  Instantly bring up, by any of 14 different ways (Name, Phone, Address, Street, City, Zip, Service Area, Appointment Date, Invoice #, Amount Due, etc.), all the information you need about a customer and the jobsite, including whether they owe you any money and, if so, how delinquent they are;  
2.  Schedule, print and track your Work Orders very efficiently;  
3.  Convert completed Work Orders to Invoices at the click of a mouse;  
4.  Print those Invoices, including a Remittance Advice that the customer can return with their payment (so you can post the payment to the proper customer when you receive their payment); or e-mail them at the click of a mouse to save lots of money (postage, paper, envelopes, etc.) and time;  
5.  Know each customer's Start-Up and Winterization status (to Call, to Do, Done this Year and Refusals) at the touch of a button;  
6.  Create and maintain custom price codes to maximize your profitability;  
7.  Have an automatic work history for every jobsite, showing you who did the work, when the work was done, what parts were used and what service(s) were performed;  
8.  Know the make, model and location of all of the sprinkler system components (timer, backflow, rain sensor, valve boxes, blowout location, well/city water, etc.), plus the Zone List for every jobsite;  
9.  Establish an unlimited amount of automatically timestamped Additional Notes for each customer, enabling you to have a record of every contact you make with every customer;  
10.  Export the data of customers who meet the criteria of your choice so you can conduct very specific targeted marketing campaigns (such as a special offer to only those customers who don't have a rain sensor, or, for example, a discount coupon to only those customers who refused your winterization service last year);  
11.  Scan and bring up at the touch of a button an "as built" of every system you install and/or service, in addition to anything else relative to that customer, such as their signed service contract or their controller's user's manual so your office staff can help a customer in need;  
12.  Send an e-mail to a customer at the click of a mouse (or to all customers if you want to do a mass e-mailing);  
13.  Get full support for backflow device testing, including reporting and mapping of those which have expired and those which are coming up for renewal;  
14.  Get full support for Service Contracts - up to 13 annual events (Start-Up, 3 Mid-Seasons, Winterization, Backflow Test, etc.), with the ability to offer your customers Service Contracts starting either in the Spring with the Start-Up and/or in the Fall with the Winterization;  
15.  Perform Mail Merge to create anything you want from your data, such as mailing labels for start-ups and winterizations for the customers who meet whatever criteria you specify, or, for example, to produce customized Service Contracts, at the click of a mouse;  
16.  Have full Inventory Control capability;  
17.  Produce landscape lighting Work Orders as well as irrigation system service Work Orders;  
18.  Automatically route and print a map of a given service tech's work order appointments for a given date, along with a travel report showing driving directions for technicians not yet familiar with your area;  
19.  Bring up, with 1 mouse click, a Google, Yahoo, Windows Live, MapQuest, Rand McNally and Zillow online map of each customer's location;  
20.  See maps showing the locations of all customers who meet whatever criteria you want, then zoom in, zoom out, pan, and print at will;  
21.  Draw (i.e., add) new streets on your map so you can keep them current for your new installations in new subdivisions until the next release of updated maps is issued;  
22.  Produce Statements for your customers on demand, with custom messages of your choice to be printed on the Statement based on how delinquent the customer is;  
23.  Enable two to 12 users to be logged on to the program and working in the database simultaneously with multi-user capability;  
24.  Instantly backup your database to removable media (i.e., USB flash drive) so you can take your mission-critical data out of the office for safekeeping in the event of a catastrophe; and  
25.  If you like this short list of benefits, you'll love the hundreds of additional benefits you get including free program updates for the rest of the year to ensure that the program is giving you everything you want!  
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