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Links to Products, Services & Support from Other Vendors
    APC (uninterruptible power supplies)
    CallFire (automatic appointment reminder calls)
    Dell (computer systems & peripherals)
    Dropbox (save/sync/share files)
    eBay (online auctions)
    Epson (dot-matrix printers)
    Garmin (GPS devices)
    Google Maps (online maps)
    GoToMyPC (access your PC from anywhere)
    Hewlett-Packard (printers)
    Hunter Industries (irrigation products)
    Hunter Preferred Contractor Program
    Intel (computer motherboards & CPUs)
    Irrigation Association
    Linksys (routers)
    LogMeIn (access your PC from anywhere)
    Microsoft (Windows, Word, Excel, etc.)
    Nuance (Dragon NaturallySpeaking voice recognition software)
    Ontrack Data Recovery (recover files from failed hard drives)
    PayPal (online payment system)
    PC Shareware (Another Notepad) (laser carbonless forms & micro-perforated paper)
    RoboForm (password manager & web form filler)
    Speakeasy (Internet connection speed test)
    SpamArrest (blocks all spam e-mail)
    Staples (office supplies)
    TechSmith ("SnagIt" screen capture utility)
    TomTom (GPS devices)
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