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Here are some of the screens that give you fast, easy, complete customer management at your fingertips:

(Click the thumbnail images – or the underlined links – for larger views, then click the "back" button on your browser to return to this page)


  • The Main Menu enables you to easily select what you want to do:



  • Irrigation Details shows you the details (make, model, location, etc.) of their irrigation system components.  All that, plus Driving Directions and Special Requests, is printed on Work Orders:

  • The Zone List enables you to enter all the details of the zones of a system.  Print it out on your letterhead, laminate it and give it to your customer to put by their controller for a very professional presentation of your work:

  • Backflow Details shows you the details (date last tested, location, make, model, etc.) of their backflow device:

  • Lighting Details shows you the details of the components of their landscape lighting system:

  • The Contract screen is where you specify whether a customer is under contract for certain services and, if so, what his rates are for those services and whether those services are "done" yet or not:

  • Associated Files enables you to instantly view anything you have on your computer that's related to the Customer (their irrigation system layout, their signed Service Contract, digital photos of their installation, etc.):

  • Export the customers who meet the criteria of your choice so you can produce labels, customized service contracts, targeted special offer mailings, etc. via mail merge under Microsoft Word or WordPerfect:

  • You can instantly get a Map of Customers who meet whatever criteria you specify:

  • You can print a Map of the Shortest Route for a given Technician's Work Order Appointments for a given date, complete with Travel Directions:



  • A wide variety of Work Order Reports enable you to see your appointment schedule in many different ways so you can schedule your work for maximum profitability:

  • Work Order Scheduling Restrictions enables you to “block out” certain dates and times so you don't, for example, schedule a Work Order on a holiday or, as another example, at a time when a Service Tech has a dentist appointment:

  • Numerous useful Sales Reports are available at the touch of a button:

  • Drop-down List Maintenance allows you to quickly and easily maintain your drop-down lists so you can enjoy fast and accurate data entry wherever those fields are used in the program:

  • Quickly and easily Backup the Files to a USB flash drive to protect your data from hard drive failure or other mishap:

  • Help displays support contact information and program documentation – plus you can check for program updates and get the latest release for free over the Internet:

  • Get the Current Version lets you see if there's a newer release of the program than that which you are running and, if so, you can download and install it instantly:

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