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Frequently Asked Questions
Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

This program runs on your own computer.

When you buy (or rent) the program we can either send you a link enabling you to download the CIA Installation CD directly to your computer (meaning you can get it immediately if you have a high-speed Internet connection) or we can send you the CIA Installation CD via Priority Mail, your choice.

You don't need an Internet connection; the program, the maps and your database are on your own computer (and a single keystroke enables you to backup your files to USB flash drive for safekeeping).


No.  The program costs the same no matter how many customers you have.  Of course, the more customers you have, the lower would be your "cost per customer," if you wanted to look at it like that.


Yes and no.

Yes, there is a physical limit the database architecture supports a maximum of 999,999,999 customers (i.e., 1 customer short of a billion), each of whom can have up to 999,999 invoices and payments (i.e., 1 short of a million).

No, there is no limit practically-speaking, because the "limit" is so high that in order for it to be a problem you'd have to have everybody in the world as your customer and you'd have to have been billing each of them for start-ups and winterizations, and recording their payments, for over a quarter-of-a-million years.


Yes.  The multi-user version enables up to 12 users to be entering data, scheduling work orders, printing invoices, performing inquiry, generating maps and running reports simultaneously.

You can even add computers to your network and run the CIA Program on them at no additional cost (except for the cost of the computer, of course) when you have a Multi-User License.


No.  This program has nothing to do with the Accounts Payable side of your business.

What this program gives you is everything on the Accounts Receivable side of your business:  You get highly-customized and integrated Sales and Accounts Receivable: posting and printing Customer Invoices; recording Customer Payments; Customer Balances; Customer Statements; the Aged Receivables Report & Graph; Daily, Monthly and Annual Reports & Graphs; Sales by Date; Sales by Part; Sales by Service Technician; Sales by Customer; and complete Inventory Control, including Inventory Value and the Price Catalog.  And, data can be exported to other programs as desired.


Simply present your data in a format and layout acceptable to our Import Program and your new database can be automatically loaded for you.  Please call for more specific information.


You get 30 days of free technical support as to how to best use this program, 24 hours/day, 7 days/week, from live human beings no need to construct an e-mail and wait who knows how long for a reply, no need to search a knowledgebase.


We accept all forms of payment so you can pay by whatever method is most convenient for you: VISA, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, PayPal, company checks or personal checks.

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Yes, you may pay for your purchase in 3 equal monthly installments for a Finance Charge of 2% per month.


You get FREE delivery, FREE initial user training and 30 days of FREE live human support, 24/7.

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Yes.  You can rent the single-user version for about $5/day, or you can rent the multi-user version for less than $10/day, billed monthly.  When you rent, you get exactly the same service as if you had purchased, including free user training and technical support.


Yes, you get a full 30-day money-back guarantee to ensure that you're absolutely delighted with the program and our service.


Yes.  Click here for a live demo over the Internet and play with the program all you want for free!


Maybe you'll sure have a lot more free time to practice!


It's so easy click here.


  • What problems will I have using this program?

The only problems you'll have will be what to do with all the extra time you'll be saving and what to do with all the extra money you'll be making.


Hardware Requirements
Any reliable computer running the current version (22H2) of Windows 10 or 11, Home or Pro, up-to-date with all bug fixes and security patches.

For multi-user capability, a fast and stable network, meaning:

  • 50 iterations of a ping of 20000 bytes from the Main computer to each Workstation must show 0 lost packets and a round trip average of 2ms or less, like this:

  • The Database Access Speed Test must show 5 seconds or less.

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