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Putting this program to work for you is like having a polite, well-dressed employee at your beck and call 24-hours-a-day who always shows up for work on time, who always does real good and fast work, who never takes a break and who never makes a mistake.  What would something like that be worth to you?

You'll be able to do your work better, faster and easier than you've ever imagined and it'll be worth way more to you than what you pay for it that we guarantee or we'll give you your money back in full.

Satisfaction 100% GUARANTEED!


Your tax-deductible investment INCLUDES:

  • FREE delivery instantly via Internet download

  • FREE installation & setup of the CIA Program and supporting software

  • FREE initial user training

  • FREE live human support 24/7 (no need to write an e-mail and wait for a reply, no need to search a "knowledgebase," no need to pay for support) during your first 90 days of use

PLUS a full 30-DAY MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE to ensure that you're absolutely delighted with your investment!

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Customer Information, Accounting, Work Orders, Maps, Graphs & Inventory Control for Irrigation Professionals ("the CIA Program"):

  • Single-User License (for use on 1 computer):
    • Rent for $5.45/day
    • Purchase for $5,995
    • GET IT FREE for 14,988 Hunter Preferred Contractor points
  • Multi-User License* (for use on all computers on your network):
    • Rent for $9.95/day
    • Purchase for $11,995
    • GET IT FREE for 29,988 Hunter Preferred Contractor points

* The purchase of a Multi-User License is a one-time payment of $11,995 for ALL the computers on your network, regardless of the number of computers on your network.

So, if you have 5 computers on your network your investment is less than $2,399 per computer ($11,995 divided by 5), if you wanted to look at it like that.

  • Upgrade from Single-User to Multi-User:  You can upgrade from Single-User to Multi-User at any time just pay the difference in price between the Single-User License and a Multi-User License (which is $6,000) and you'll be able to run the CIA Program on all the computers on your network simultaneously.  Or, you can rent a "Multi-User Workstation" license for only the months you want or need to have multi-user capability, for $5.45/day.


We accept VISA, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, company check or personal check.  You can even GET IT FREE with your Hunter Preferred Contractor points!



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You can pay with VISA, MasterCard, American Express or Discover:

    Price list:

  Single-User, Rent (30 days @ $5.45/day) $163.50 *  
  Single-User, Purchase $5,995.00 *  
  Multi-User, Rent (30 days @ $9.95/day) $298.50 *  
  Multi-User, Purchase $11,995.00 *  
  Upgrade from Single-User to Multi-User $6,000.00 *  

* A 3.4% convenience fee applies to payments by credit or debit cards.


You can pay by check to avoid the convenience fee call us at (313) 393-5580 (or e-mail and we'll send you an Invoice payable by check (which you can pay online for free via Intuit QuickBooks Payments, if you wish).

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